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As many foreigners in Japan still discover today, the foreigners outsider status there also has its benefits: Nobunaga grew fond of Yasuke and treated him like family as he earned his worth on the battlefield and on patrol at Azuchi Castle.

In less than a year, Yasuke went from being a lowly page to joining the upper echelons of Japans warrior class, the samurai.

Written & Directed by Philip Wang Produced by Ashley Matsunami Wesley Chan Featuring (in order of appearance) Philip Wang Christina Nguyen Jordan Farris .

Watch our movie: We've all seen lists like these before.

Manusia walaupun perangai lain-lain, tapi ada sesetengah benda yang kita memang tak boleh nak elak untuk sama kan.

PHILIP WANG - CURIOUS GEORGE ANNA AKANA - DREAM GIRL... Tg I Our movie "Everything Before Us" is on i Tunes, Vimeo, Amazon, and Netflix! Iob WDY Share to Facebook: https:// Fu Phil Anna Akana Producer Dave Holton Dir. Pre-order the book ▶ Book Ghost & Stars ▶ And business [email protected] Tom Spriggs at The Coronel Group shot & edited by Eric Lombart Lombart make ups by Caitlyn Brisbin Calico grip - Melissa... Dx83Nlb M By Wong Fu Productions Written & Directed by Taylor Chan Produced by Ashley Matsunami & Benson Quach Featuring Ashley Matsunami... Communicate ppl =) Watch another "This is how..." video: Gd_a5P7XI Written and Directed by Wong Fu Productions Producer Christine Chen Co-Written by... You can watch it here: Thanks to: Cathy Nguyen - Clara Chung - Christopher Dinh - sneezer Viet Nguyen... u= MPq WQ Share on Twitter: v=YXop-p MPq WQ Directed by Wesley Chan, Philip Wang Written by Philip... Directed/Written/Edited Leenda Dong Facebook: Twitter: Dong Instagram: SNAPCHAT : Leenda Dee Music By Samuel Kim Website: Soundcloud: Facebook Page: https:// Camera Operator Rommel Andaya https:// https:// Lovely Actors! v=Hr BXBYa Saig Produced by Wong Fu Productions Written by Philip Wang Featuring Randall Park Kailee Bauer Aramis Gomez Manny Borria Director of Photography Wesley... Written & Directed by Philip Wang https:// Produced by Ashley Matsunami https:// Wesley Chan Featuring (in order of appearance) Philip Wang Christina Nguyen https:// Jordan... Our movie 'Everything Before Us' is now available on i Tunes and Netflix BLOOPERS: Written & Directed by: Wong Fu Productions Producer: Christine Chen Featuring: Megan Batoon Chris... His celebrity status soon piqued the curiosity of Oda Nobunaga, a medieval Japanese warlord who was striving to unify Japan and bring peace to a country racked by civil war, writes Ozys Leslie Nguyen-Okwu.Nobunaga praised Yasukes strength and stature, describing his might as that of 10 men, and brought him on as his feudal bodyguard.

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Bloopers: Behind the Scenes: Dir Commentary: Produced by Wong Fu Productions Written and Directed by Philip Wang Director of Photography: Wesley Chan Producers: Christine Chen, Chris Dinh, Ted Fu Music by: Travis-Atreo Graham Featuring: Frank - Ki Hong Lee Carol - Anna Akana Tanner - Emanuel Borria Anthony - Timothy De La Ghetto Linda - Chauntae Pink Classmate - Cathy Nguyen Amy - Megan Batoon Vivian - Jessica Koh Motorcycle Girl - Geo Antoniette Motorcycle Boyfriend - Bart Kwan Carol's Boyfriend - Yoshi Sudarso Bowling Friends - Peter Adrian Sudarso , Manny Shih New Girlfriend - Hayoung Choi Cupcake Workers - David and Andrew Fung Sound Recordist: Sam Bay Production Assistants: Regina Fang, Kenson Lee, Jason Tenandar Colorist: Jason Tenandar VFX: Kenson Lee Special Thanks!