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The Three Counties System is a set of inter-connected limestone solutional cave systems spanning the borders of Cumbria, Lancashire, and North Yorkshire in the north of England.The possibility of connecting a number of discrete cave systems in the area to create a single super-system that spans the county borders was first proposed by Dave Brook in 1968, and it was achieved in 2011.The Three Counties System contains a number of major subterranean streams, all of which combine to resurge at Leck Beck Head above Cowan Bridge.At the northern end, swallets in Barbondale close to the Dent Fault drain south-west through Bull Pot of the Witches, and the water enters the Ease Gill Caverns system in Lancaster Hole; most of Ease Gill Beck to the south drains into the extensive Ease Gill Caverns, although some drains into Link Pot and thus into the bottom of Pippikin Pot; most of Leck Fell drains into the Leck Fell Master Cave, which is part of Lost Johns' Cave, although some drains into Gavel Pot, and some into Notts Pot; Ireby Fell in the south drains into Notts Pot.Some of the samples have been sent for microscopic analysis and carbon dating and National Grid has offered to share the samples and information with the British Geological Survey.Robert Powell, National Grid project manager, said: “As well as providing valuable analysis for the NWCC project, these surveys have given us the opportunity to uncover fascinating information about Morecambe Bay.“We’re also delighted to be able to share our findings with the British Geological Survey.All these streams eventually reach the phreatic zone where exploration is only possible by cave diving.Some small streams in the south of The Three Counties System are known to resurge at Keld Head in Kingsdale, the next valley to the south.

The proposals National Grid will be consulting on will provide details on where and how to build a new connection going: north from Moorside to a point on the existing network at Harker, near Carlisle; and south from Moorside across the Barrow Peninsula, through a tunnel which goes under Morecambe Bay and surfaces at an existing substation in Middleton, near Heysham, where it can connect into the existing network.

Urgent repair works will be carried out at this nationally important heritage site before it is transformed into a multi-purpose community and learning space with improved interpretation and new facilities including a café.

A full time heritage and learning officer will oversee the care and digitisation of the Cathedral’s historic 17th century library, train volunteers and establish a learning programme for schools and the local community.

Dating back to 1122, Carlisle Cathedral is one of the city’s oldest buildings.

This exciting new project will restore and extend the Fratry at the heart of the Cathedral’s Grade I listed precinct and unlock a wealth of stories to bring to life its unique and turbulent history.

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Historically a part of Cumberland, Penrith's local authority is currently Eden District Council, which is based in the town.