Dating banner

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Dating banner

In order for your pockets to assemble correctly, you will want to make sure there are 3 tabs surrounding the design side of the pocket .You will want to carefully cut these tabs out with scissors to make sure they fold flat.Sometimes it feels like the Holidays speed right by.Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas it’s hard to even get your decorations up and down fast enough!

Dating is about getting to know each other better so that mutual commitment can grow.

Don’t you just love the ‘woodlands’ feel she put together?

Plus, tucked inside each banner pocket is a daily act of kindness for you and your family to do that will help cultivate an attitude of gratitude as you prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. Each page of the printable contains a banner pocket along with the act of kindness card that goes inside the pocket.

You can put a little piece of tape to secure the ribbon on the back if you’d like to here.

I wanted to make mine a little bit snazzier, so I cut gray and pink ribbon into 5 inch strips to tie on the ends of the banner.

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He really went above and beyond to make sure the items we ordered were correct and were delivered in time for our event.

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