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In an open letter to the regulators of those jurisdictions dated 7 February, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and a number of other market associations have requested 'regulatory forbearance' in respect of the 1 March 2017 compliance date for the exchange of variation margin under those regulations.On 4 January 2017 the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/2251 of 4 October 2016 (the Regulation) entered into force, providing regulatory standards for the timely, accurate and appropriately segregated exchange of initial margin and variation margin collateral which counterparties to non-centrally cleared OTC derivative contracts are required to collect or post under the Regulation.

Gayunman, ang interpretasyon sa panaginip ay walang iisang kahulugan dahil sa ito ay depende sa taong nanaginip.ISDA, in cooperation with a number of other associations representing market participants, has conducted a survey among market participants about variation margin readiness.According to ISDA, the data from the survey shows that the documentation and operational challenges that are necessary to comply with the variation margin requirements by 1 March 2017 are high, despite concerted and continuing efforts by market participants.For counterparties adhering to the Protocol outside of the ISDA Amend platform, the Revised EMIR Supplements provide that they supersede the Original EMIR Supplements, in case parties have exchanged Questionnaires for both.Legislators from the EU, the US and several other jurisdictions have adopted regulations for mandatory risk management procedures to be applied by counterparties to non-centrally cleared OTC derivative contracts.

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Among other things, headway made with the execution of variation margin credit support annexes as required to comply with the regulations is currently limited.

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