Eclipse maven updating indexes forever

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Eclipse maven updating indexes forever

The Javadoc should already be attached to the project, if you followed the setup instructions in UIMA Overview & SDK Setup Section 3.2, “Setting up Eclipse to view Example Code”.

To attach Javadocs to your own Eclipse project, use the following instructions.

Maven is an excellent build tool for Java™ developers, and you can use it to manage the life cycle of your projects as well.

As a life-cycle management tool, Maven operates against phases rather than Ant-style build "tasks." Maven handles all phases of the project life cycle, including validation, code generation, compilation, testing, packaging, integration testing, verification, installation, deployment, and project site creation and deployment.

Building a JAR file with Maven is pretty easy: just define the project packaging as "jar" and then execute the package life-cycle phase.

These are located in the docs/api directory; the top level to open in your browser is called api/

Eclipse supports the ability to attach the Javadocs to your project.

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The details of all the public APIs for UIMA are contained in the API Javadocs.

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