Ehcache invalidating space updating your nvidia

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Using the debugger strangely enough provided us a cache hit when analyzing the state of the cache and everything.After some more brooding and some essentially means that the query cache for a certain “region” (e.g.We use JPA, the following properties need to be defined in JPA How to enable second-level caching for data objects in application Hibernate provides a @Cache annotation to enable second-level caching for data objects in application.Hibernate is a very sophisticated OR-Mapper and as such has some overhead for certain usage patterns or raw queries.

We found the issue and correlated it to the issues HHH-3339 and HHH-5210.

How to enable in Hibernate There are two types of second-level cache we use.

One is entity cache, where hibernate caches loaded data objects on the Session Factory level, crossing user and session boundary, and crossing transaction boundary; Another type is query cache, where SQL query is the cache key and the query result set is the cached value.

Whenever there is a same SQL query is submitted through hibernate, hibernate will try to use the cached result set instead of dipping into the database.

To globally set these caching up, just need to define a few hibernate properties.

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Since the fix was simpler than upgrading grails to a new hibernate release we fixed the issue and replaced the jar in our environment.

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