We chat sex hong kong

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We chat sex hong kong

Emphasized by sugary and excessively colorful visuals, the beginning of Philip Young's May We Chat epitomizes everything that's most shallow about contemporary youth culture.

Teenagers consciously trapped in a virtual realm take pictures of shoes, food, themselves, and communicate via smartphones in an inconceivably rapid and impressively efficient fashion.

Sporting a pink wig, Chiu Wai-ying (Rainky Wai) is a deaf-mute girl who has to earn money through compensated dating; Li Wing-yan (Kabby Hui) is an emotionally unstable posh girl who seems to be interested only in high-end clothes and handsome boys; Wai-wai (Heidi Li) lives with her drug-addicted mother and resourceful little sister, but spends a huge amount of time in the company of teen gang members.

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But even if We Chat Wallet were to be launched in Western markets, would it really be as complete as it is in Mainland China?

Taking a closer look at Hong Kong’s version of We Chat Wallet should give us a better idea.

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Simply select the corresponding region and suitable contacts will be displayed for you.

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